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Here are a few of the services we offer.


Duct Manufacturing

We have the experience and skills necessary to fabricate every type of HVAC fitting or part that comes our way. We specialize in custom parts like filter racks, wall louvers, unit boxes, square to rounds and TDC flanged duct. We can also help design a solution and fabricate to fit hard to connect HVAC units. We offer exceptional quality and fast turnaround for all your HVAC ductwork needs.

High Def Plasma Cutting

With the Vicon Elite cutting table and using the latest in High Definition Plasma unit from Hypertherm the XPR170, we can cut any part you require in thickness from 26GA -1in with laser quality cuts in Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum. From a provided dxf. file or your supplied drawings, we can cut you requested. parts.

Custom Stainless and Aluminum fabrication

We stock a wide variety of Stainless and aluminum sheets, angles, tubing, and flat stock to be able to fabricate all of your needs. From stainless steel sinks to aluminum tread bright cooler floors. We can also make your hood back wall to fit  shelfs, table tops, and over shelfs. If you need it, we will do our best to fabricate it.


Flashing and Building trim

Flashing and trim is a essential to finishing a building. We stock a variety of colors and materials to fabricate your trim. Many customer will bring us the trim stock and we will make there custom trim from it. From 10' or 1000' we are able to make it in a timely manner so you can get your project completed.

Spiral Pipe Fabrication

We fabricate Spiral pipe in sizes from 4" to 60" and any fittings you require from 4" to 48". We stock most sizes for same day pickup and can usually fabricate most fitting required by the next day. We can manufacture your pipe in either standard galvanized or galvaneal.


We offer welding services in all facets of welding. Mig, tig, arc, and brazing. Specializing in finish stainless steel welding. We can weld grind and polish for a seamless finish. Also carbon steel, cast iron, copper, brass, and aluminum are just a few of the metals we can weld and finish. No weld job is to big or small we can repair just about any thing that can be welded.

High Def plasma cutting

Cutting 3/16" S/S with N2 plasma with water shield.

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